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605CPR offers two different brands for ACLS/PALS. American Heart
Association and American Red Cross (ALS/PALS) Both certifications are
recognized for licensing/ school/ recertification requirements. Some
employers prefer a specific certification so please check with your
employer to see if there is a preference.


605CPR specializes in having an instructor come on site, for a group,
to deliver the course with an in person, instructor led format.
Scheduling is up to you on your time and location.

While we do not currently have a monthly class, most of our ACLS/PALS
clients are individuals who need the certification and not part of a
group. We do offer one-on-one sessions.  Both AHA and ARC have online
versions of the classroom portion and we can schedule a skill session
on your schedule to meet your needs. We can also do full classes for

Please fill out the form contact with the date and time you are
looking at; number of students and location and we can give you an
estimate for your ACLS/PALS certification. 

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